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In their many spare moments, Johan and Marion are also involved in painting!

Johan is working in the medium of Watercolour and Marion uses both Acrylics and Oils. Over 2 years ago both of them attended courses in Villiersdorp given by Dale Elliot and his son Mel.

These have proved to be so constructive and motivational that they spend as much time as possible in their newly constructed studio at their home in the Village of Storms River.

Using the walls of Rafters Restaurant, the Reception and Lounge areas of The Armagh to showcase their work, paintings have been successfully going to new homes in countries all over the world including America, Ireland, France, Sweden and Australia. In excess of 55 pieces have been sold.

Presently they have a mini-exhibition of work up in the former Transkei with art pieces particularly reminiscent of that area.

Johan was initially influenced by Tim Robson, who has since passed on, but his belief that, and I quote “If you paint the Karoo you must smell the dust” has remained a favourite. His maxim that “Your painting is completed 15 minutes before you put that brush down” is also an invaluable criterion with which to judge one’s work. Although Watercolour is a difficult and sometimes unforgiving medium, Johan has always been happy with the fact that the brushes are easy to clean AND that he can sit in a civilised manner and work at a desk!!

Johan loves the unfussiness of the South African landscapes, a cleanness that, however, hides the complexity and richness of tone and light.

Marion just enjoys colour, the faces of the people and the creativity of combining various styles and techniques in an ongoing learning curve.

Both enjoy the opportunities presented to them when they are out marketing or purchasing wonderful new Wines for the Rafters Restaurant. The cameras are always at the ready and wonderful material garnered for their portfolios back in Storms River.

Do enquire by email if you are interested in more information about their art.

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